Thomas Hardjono

I'm with the MIT Trust::Data Consortium, and  MIT Connection Science. Prior to this I was Executive Director of the MIT Kerberos Consortium.

Office: E17-376
Phone: +1 (617) 715-2451
Email: hardjono [at]


Projects & activities (messy):

  • Decentralized and Open Music:
  • Blockchains, MIT Digital Tradecoin & Cryptocurrency:​
    • Public Key Management Framework for Virtual Assets and Virtual Asset Service Providers (VASP), Journal of FinTech (to appear) (PDF)
    • Towards an Interoperability Architecture for Blockchain Autonomous Systems, IEEE TEM Special Issue on Blockchain Ecosystem 2019 (to appear) (PDF)
    • Decentralized Trusted Computing Base for Blockchain Infrastructure Security, Frontiers in Blockchain Journal (PDF).
    • Digital Trade Coin: Towards a More Stable Digital Currency, Journal of the Royal Society Open Science (RSOS), July 2018 (PDF).
    • Narrow Banks and Fiat Backed Digital Coins, Capco Institute Journal, April 2018. (PDF)
    • Open Algorithms as Smart Contracts: Enabling Future Data Markets using Blockchain Technology, ICIS 2017, Seoul (PDF).
    • Congressional Blockchain Roundtable Report: The Impact of Blockchain for Government (PDF)
    • Decentralized Service Architecture of OAuth2.0 using Smart Contracts (IETF).
    • IoT device commisioning using blockchains, Proceedings of ACM IoT Privacy, Trust & Security, 2016 (PDF).
  • Digital Identity, Data Privacy and User-Centric Control:
  • Others/misc:

2018-2019 MIT Courses I currently help teach: 15.376/MAS.664  Media Ventures ~ Media Lab Entrepreneurship & Digital Innovations

Some recent publications:

  • Eduardo Castelló Ferrer, Ognjen (Oggi) Rudovic, Thomas Hardjono, Alexander ('Sandy') Pentland, RoboChain: A Secure Data-Sharing Framework for Human-Robot Interaction, (PDF).
  • Thomas Hardjono, "Owner-Centric Access Management for IoT Data", in New Solutions for Cybersecurity, eds. Shrobe, Shrier & Pentland, MIT Press, 2018.
  • Thomas Hardjono and Sandy Pentland, Open Algorithms for Identity Federation, May 2017.
  • Thomas Hardjono, Sandy Pentland and David Shrier, Trust::Data - A New Framework for Identity and Data Sharing (2016)
  • Thomas Hardjono and Ned Smith, "Cloud-Based Commissioning of Constrained Devices using Permissioned Blockchains", ACM IoT Privacy, Trust & Security 2016 (pdf)
  • Thomas Hardjono and Alex Pentland, "On Privacy-Preserving Identity within Future Blockchain Systems", W3C Workshop on Distributed Ledgers on the Web, June 2016.
  • D. Greenwood, A. Stopczynski, B. Sweatt, T. Hardjono, A. Pentland, "The New Deal on Data: A Framework for Institutional Controls", in Lane et al. (ed), Privacy, Big Data and the Public Good, Oxford University Press, 2014.
  • Thomas Hardjono, Patrick Deegan, John Henry Clippinger, Social Uses Cases for the ID3 Mustard Seed Platform, IEEE Technology & Society, September 2014.
  • Thomas Hardjono, Patrick Deegan, John Henry Clippinger, On the Design of Trustworthy Compute Frameworks for Self-Organizing Digital Institutions, 16th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction HCI2014, June 2014.
  • Thomas Hardjono, Dazza Greenwood & Sandy Pentland, Towards a Trustworthy Digital Infrastructure for Core Identities and Personal Data Stores, Proceedings of ID360 Conference on Identity, UTexas, May 2013.
  • J. Zic and T. Hardjono, Towards a cloud-based integrity measurement service, Journal of Cloud Computing: Advances, Systems and Applications 2013, 2:4 (Springer) doi:10.1186/2192-113X-2-4.
  • T. Hardjono and L. Dondeti, Security in WLANs and WMANs, Artech-House, London. 2005.
  • T. Hardjono and L. Dondeti, Multicast and Group Communications, Artech-House, London, 2003.
  • J. Pieprzyk, T. Hardjono and J. Seberry, Fundamentals of Computer Security, Springer-Verlag. Berlin. 2002.
  • T. Hardjono and Gene Tsudik, IP Multicast Security: Issues and Directions, Tech. Rep., Annales de Telecom, July-August, 1999.